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Welcome to Direct School of Motoring

Direct School Of Motoring has been serving the Enfield Community since 1981.

The school is owned and run by Steve Knox, a grade 6 ADI driving instructor.Grade 6 is only awarded to the top few per cent of all driving instructors and represents a very high standard of instruction. See below.

We are an independent driving school, with thousands of satisfied and successful clients.

in today´s economic climate we understand that looking for the cheapest price for tuition is a fact of life.

What we offer is good value lessons in a modern air conditioned,fully dual controlled vehicle,with no gimmicks just to tempt you in.

We provide professional tuition in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. and specialise in teaching extremely nervous pupils.

We are CRB checked.

Your success is our objective and we have an excellent pass rate.

Learning to drive is a skill for life not just getting through a test so think carefully when choosing a driving instructor. Pricing varies from school to school but check that the price quoted is for a full hour not 45 minutes, that you won´t make up for so called cheaper lessons by an inflated fee to use the car for the driving test, and you wont have to take the previous pupil home in your time.

Whenever possible, go for someone who has been recommended.

Over the last 30 years we have taught different generations of many local families. The chances are you probably know someone who has learned to drive with us.


Are all driving instructors the same?

Certainly not! Read on...

We start with ´PDIs´. That stands for Potential Driving Instructors. A PDI can be someone starting out in the industry with a good and honest intent to become a fine driving instructor, whilst giving tuition on a temporary licence until qualified. Unfortunately though,a great many have responded to the many adverts on TV and radio believing that becoming a driving instructor is a get rich quick scheme. How wrong they are! (See below) Although PDIs are not qualified and have probably never taught anyone to drive before, they are allowed to charge learner drivers for driving lessons. A lot of multi-car driving schools use these PDIs as there are plenty of them available. You will be charged the same for your lesson and probably won´t even be told that the person ´teaching you to drive´ isn´t qualified. I support initiatives to require PDIs to inform their pupils of their status. I have no problem with PDIs giving tuition should someone require it as long as their status has been disclosed.

After qualifying a grade system applies, which the DSA regularly monitors.

Grades 1 - 3 range from dangerous to substandard, these instructors have a set time to improve or they will be removed from the register.

Grade 4 is adequate - these instructors are just above the substandard level. Most driving instructors in the UK are grade 4 instructors.

Grade 5 is good. These instructors are more dedicated and have reached a higher level. There a quite a few good Grade 5 instructors around

Grade 6 is excellent. Only 5% of instructors achieve this grade, it is considered an accolade within the industry.

So driving instructors certainly aren´t all the same.

5 Star Instructors *****

One way of fooling the public into thinking that they are getting the best instructors is to advertise them as ´5 Star Instructors´. There is no such thing as a ´5 Star Instructor´ and it is not uncommon for driving schools to use this gimmick, when in reality the majority of ´5 Star Instructors´ are in fact Grade 4. Beware!!
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